Tiger WS-GD-30-3-60 Grinder Pump 2532 GPH - 3HP - 1 1/4" - 460V -  3PH

Tiger WS-GD-30-3-60 Grinder Pump 2532 GPH - 3HP - 1 1/4" - 460V - 3PH

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Tiger WS-GD-30-3-60 Grinder Pump 2532 GPH - 3HP - 1 1/4" - 460V - 3PH


With high quality cast iron housing for the long term using.
To achieve the excellent performance, we use great VCT cable with Epoxy resin base, dry motor and dura-mechanical seals.
This series also with heavy-duty ball bearing and protector and insulation level is IP 68.
The design of centrifugal semi-open impeller which can avoid any long fiber items or other objects to block the inlet.
Both radial cutter and ring are made from SUS-440C material in which the hardness is reached HRc 55-60 . Any high tenacity objects such as leather, textile, plastic bags, and rope are easily to be grinded.


  • Robust construction
  • Superior Heat Dissipation
  • Vortex impeller design prevents clogging by cutting up articles
  • Radial cutter and cutter ring SUS440C : corrosion resistant material, hardened to 55-60 Rockwell C
  • Specific single phase design for starting torque, torque is five times stronger than General capacitor pump
  • Horizontal casing with female thread can be fit the pipe directly
  • Double mechanical seals Upper:CA/CE/NBR — Lower:SIC/SIC/NBR


  • The material such as leathers, textile fiber, food and other tenacity objects can be grinded.
  • General household using, drainage systems of buildings and apartments, resorts and wastewater systems.
  • Commercial buildings, industrial factories, sewage water treatments.
  • Wastewater systems of schools, municipal engineering sewage treatments and so on are appropriate to this application.
  • Available using in various wastewater drainage systems and sewage water treatments.
  • Max Head: 105 ft.
  • 3 HP – 2.2 Kw
  • 460 V – Three Phase – 60 Hz
  • Cable: 32.8 ft.


• Motor Type: 2 POLE, dry type
• Frequency: 60Hz – 460V – 3 Phase
• Insulation Class: E class (120°C)
• Nominal Speed: 3450 rpm


• Enclosure Protection Class: IP 68
• Protector: Thermal protection
• Insulation Class: E class (248°F)
• Bearing: Ball Type
• Mechanical seal: Dual. Mechanical Seal

Estimated Delivery Time: 3 – 5 Buisness Days