WS-SSC-8 Commercial Reverse Osmosis Unit 12,000 GDP
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Commercial Series Models produce 12,000 gallons (45,425 Liters) of water per day.

Capital cost is $0.95 per gal/ 0.25 liter

Reduces: heavy metals, nitrates, radionuclides, herbicides, pesticides, THM's, VOC's and other contaminants.

Commercial Series Feature:

  • RO Elements: 8 each (4" x 40")
  • Extra Low Energy Thin Film Pressure Vessels: 304 Stainless Steel (SS)
  • Pump: Centrifugal 304 SS shell,
  • 316 SS shaft Frame: 409 SS Control:
  • Programmable with LCD readout Flow Meters: Product and Waste Pump Pressure Gauges (liquid filled)
  • Low pressure cutoff switch Pre filter: 5 Micron sediment Inlet filter Gauges (pre and post filter)

Inlet feed electric solenoid valve Inlet manual shutoff valve Product reverse flow check valve Waste recycle valve

  • Item #: WS-SSC-8_RO_COS1200

WS-SSC-8 Commercial Reverse Osmosis Unit 12,000 GDP

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