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WSI’s (WS-12V UV/ Carbon Series) 
Filter/Ultraviolet Sterilization is an All-In-One concept device
to treat your water. This product combines particle, carbon
and ultraviolet disinfection all in a very attractive and
compact system. The WS-12V UV/ Carbon Series is rated
from 1 gpm to 5 gpm (flow depends on your choice of
micron filter). The system uses either a 0.5 micron (EPCB)
carbon block filter or a 10 micron (EPCB 10) carbon block
filter (optional). This easy to install system can be used as a
stand alone or in conjunction with other water treatment
Features: Options:
• Compact size • 220V / 50 Hz
• Standard voltage: 12V • 115V /60 Hz


  • Item #: 1.5610221E7


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