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The PURA UV20-1 is a single unit whole house filtration system. This system is ideal for removing bacteria from city water or any other mostly sediment free water source.  The whole house UV disinfection system makes a perfect companion to water softeners, distillers, reverse osmosis and ozone systems.

  • Whole house water disinfection
  • Max flow of 10 gpm
  • Reliability at an affordable cost
  • No chemicals added to the water
  • Electronic lamp indicator (LED)
  • Available with optional Lamp Out Circuit (LOC):
  • Normally Closed (NC) to control a solenoid shut off valve
  • 15710100 (115V/60Hz with American plug)
  • 15710400 (115V with Lamp Out Circuit Normally Closed)
  • 15710300 (12V DC)


  • Item #: 1.57102E7


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