Tank Adapter Ring 20-TAR
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Tuf-Tite tank adapter rings are great for mounting a riser or lid to a concrete tank in situations where you will not be able to do casting. Used by amateurs and professional plumbers, septic tank repairs and drainage issues can be cleared up with this product. This item is designed to be maintenance-free. You must install this item before tank back-fill.

Key Features:

  • American manufactured
  • HDPE material is non-corrosive
  • 21.5-inch inner diameter x 26-inch outer diameter
  • Fits 20-inch Tuf-Tite risers and lids
  • Will not promote rusting
  • Designed for corrosive gas septic environments
  • Enduring, trouble-free service
  • Appropriate for use with the 2012-RIS and 20-RIS risers
  • Inter-locking waterproof features are obtained with sealant between Tuf-Tite risers or Tuf-Tite riser lids

  • Item #: 20-TAR

Tank Adapter Ring 20-TAR

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