NT100 VU- Flow Screen Filters
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  • Clear cover allows for quick view of collected sediment.
  • Molded PVC filter body allows glue together installation similar to standard PVC pipe fittings.
  • Most models have ½” MNPT cover outlet for quick one step purge cleaning
  • Polyester or stainless steel screen mesh is easily cleaned and reusable eliminating expensive element replacement.
  • Molded from U.V. stabilized weather resistant materials for long service life.
  • Maximum operating pressure 150 PSI at 73 Degree F.
  • High flow rates 1 to 100 Gallons per Minute.
  • All models now available for use with reclaimed water. Bodies are purple and all materials are chemical resistant.


Model  *Min./Max. Inlet/ Length Width
No. Flow Outlet P L W
NT 100 1-25 GPM 1" SLIP 11 3/8" 5"
* Minimum flow needed for "Spin-out" action


  • Item #: NT100

NT100 VU- Flow Screen Filters

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