FilterBalls Green™

FilterBalls Green™

FilterBalls Green™ are made from a proprietary, patent protected design and Proudly Made in America.


Rated to 15 microns, for industrial use in high pressure applications but great everywhere lightweight media, tight filtration and energy savings are desired.

Features / Benefits / FAQ’s:

Lower operating pressure means less energy required for equal flow volumes
Proprietary Polyester fiber is 100% recyclable
1 Lb of FilterBalls™ replaces 100 Lbs of sand
100 x’s lighter than traditional filter sand
Unparalleled performance
NO fiber migration
100% Recyclable
Chemically resistant
15 micron retention at 95% removal
Back-washable regenerative filter media
Initial pressure drop of (less than) <1.0 psi
Capable of 97% de-watering by gravity drain alone
FilterBalls™ costs less than traditional filter sand
FilterBalls™ is used in the sand filter housing you already own

  • 500098 Hardware Hardware Pumps Pool, Fountain & Pond Pumps : 1
  • Item #: fbg-01

FilterBalls Green™

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