COG Aerators

WSI’S Concentrated Oxygen Generator (COG) Aerator is an extremely efficient way to aerate a body of water. The technology produces extremely small bubbles, which transfer a considerable amount of oxygen to water than any other type of aeration system. This reduces the horse power required per oxygen demand and therefore significantly reduces running costs.

The COG is available in four different size models:

  • The COG 100 and COG 200 series are most often used in home septic tanks and other tank-mounted applications.
  • The COG 300 and COG 600 series are most often used in ponds, industrial tanks, and waste lagoons.


Note: All units are available with a foam-filled polyethylene float.


  • Elimination of Odors
  • Reduction in BOD & TSS
  • Reduction of Solid Waste Disposal
  • Reduction in Contamination of Groundwater




Relative size of bubbles produced by various aeration methods. Small bubbles have significantly more surface area to transfer oxygen!

  • COG™ 0.25 mm diam.
  • Diffusers 3.0-20 mm diameter