Butyl Sealant Rope
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Whether you are installing concrete septic tanks, adapter rings, or risers, you need to ensure a strong seal that is completely water tight. This roll of butyl sealing type is available in a 20-foot roll, so you will have ample material to seal each project. With this durably designed sealing rope, your next plumbing project will benefit from a lasting seal that provides outstanding service for a longer period of time. Merely wrap this sealing tape around the adapter ring for a watertight finish.

Key Features:

  • Permanently flexible rope is easy to apply
  • Easy-to-remove backing for quick application
  • Durable all-weather sealant that will withstand harsh septic environments
  • Butyl rubber won’t crack, shrink, harden, or oxidize over time
  • 20’ roll of 5/16” butyl sealing rope

  • Item #: Sealant

Butyl Sealant Rope

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