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The PURA® ABUV Series is an advanced Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System.  It has been designed with you, the consumer, in mind. The sys- tem  will provide you with disinfected  drinking water  for years to come. These systems have been designed with high quality construction  and innovative features.

Disinfection of water  using ultraviolet light at a wavelength at 254nm is a chemical free way of destroying the DNA of microorganisms  render- ing them unable to replicate or cause infection. The axial flow chamber design of the PURA® Stainless  Steel Series, utilizes the energy from the Ultraviolet Lamp evenly across the water flow. Installation of the system is straight forward and simple. Maintenance includes changing the lamp once a year and cleaning the quartz sleeve periodically.

Standard Features:

  • Lamp Failure Visual and Audible Alarm
  • Lamp Change  Reminder
  • Countdown  Lamp Timer
  • Axial Flow Design

Conditions for Use
Depending on the chemistry of the water to be disinfected by a PURA® Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System, additional pretreatment may be necessary. The following table outlines the basic parameters that need to be tested and treated  should your water fall outside these parameters. An additional  a 5 micron sediment and housing is recommended as a minimum pretreatment to guard against any large particles that may mask the ultraviolet light and also assist with startup procedures.

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