4" Effluent Filter EF-4 Combo Filter & Housing Only
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Tuf-Tite Effluent Filters are designed to extend the life of your drain field by preventing solids from leaving the septic tank.  The filter fits into a 4" T-Fitting which in many cases is already attached to the outlet pipe.  If a T-Fitting is not installed, install one allowing enough clearance from the end of the tank to permit easy filter access.


Tuf-Tite Effluent Filters will, under normal conditions, operate efficiently for several years or more before requiring removal and cleaning.  It is suggested that the unit be cleaned every time the tank is pumped or at least every three years.

    1.    Do not use plumbing during filter cleaning

    2.    Pull the filter straight out of the T-Fitting

    3.    Hose filter off, making sure that all solids fall back into the septic tank, not back into the T-Fitting

    4.    Replace filter by inserting the filter into the T-Fitting with the arrow on the top of the filter pointing toward the outlet pipe.

    5.    Push down firmly until the top seats into the hub of the T-Fitting being careful to to break T-Fitting off of the outlet pipe

  • Item #: EF-4 Combo

4" Effluent Filter EF-4 Combo Filter & Housing Only

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