24-RISP Safety Pan
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Used for either casting a concrete lid or a safety pan for a 24” x 3” tank riser. This septic system item is comprised of a Tuf-Tite 24-RISP safety pan and a 24-RPSLID safety lid. The intended purpose is for complete installation of a Tuf-Tite 24-RISL solid domed lid.

Key Features:

  • 24" diameter x 3" high
  • Assures a watertight seal
  • Molded-in lid gasket
  • Screws on outside of riser
  • Constructed of durable HDPE material
  • This item can be used for stackable risers
  • Unique design means no fighting with O-rings
  • Lid attaches with six vertical stainless steel screws
  • Constructed from green Copolymer Polypropyle
  • Outside screws prevent damage caused by corrosive septic tank gases
  • Cut-out for pipe penetrations

  • Item #: 24- RISP Safety Pan

24-RISP Safety Pan

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