24-RISL Flat Lid
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Don't let whatever enters your septic tank make its way anywhere else. A Tuf-Tite 24-RISL-FLAT septic tank riser lid will effectively substitute for fractured or broken concrete lids that could let waste escape. The interlocking design of Tuf-Tite riser lids compatibly seal 24-RIS and 2412-RIS risers, HDPE corrugated pipe and IPEX ribbed PVC with no sealant needed.

Expect a lifetime-lasting, dependable seal from the non-corrosive Tuf-Tite riser lids' HDPE material. Only trust a septic tank lid that will withstand the highest pressure without losing an inch of its seal.

The 24" Tuf-Tite Lid is made with only the most durable, solid materials:

  • Stainless Steel screws included
  • Non-corrosive HDPE material
  • 2500 LB Load Rating
  • For added weight, designed for optional concrete filling

Compatible with:

  • Tuf-Tite risers
  • IPEX-PVC ribbed pipe
  • Corrugated pipe

  • Item #: 24-RISL Flat Lid

24-RISL Flat Lid

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