24-RISL Domed lid
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The rugged Tuf-Tite 24-RISL is a superior septic tank riser lid and is universally accepted as a premiere replacement item for damaged or inoperable septic tank lids. Recommended for its durability and designed for a lifetime of worry-free service, the Tuf-Tite septic tank riser lid is the perfect match for the 2412-RIS and 24-RIS risers.

Constructed of durable HDPE material, it is non-corrosive, making it exceptionally safe for any septic environment. Its unique interlocking design eliminates the need for unreliable sealants that could deteriorate over time. The Tuf-Tite riser lid is especially adapted to secure to the Tuf-Tite risers, providing a lifetime of excellent, trouble-free service.

Note: To maximize the benefits, it is highly recommended that you use the quality Tuf-Tite 24TAR Tank Adapter Ring when affixing plastic risers to concrete risers or tanks.

24" Tuf Tite Lid Features:

  • Stainless Steel screws are included
  • Durably constructed of HDPE material
  • Non-Corrosive
  • A full 24” diameter
  • Unique inter-locking design

  • Item #: 24-RISL Domed Lid

24-RISL Domed lid

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