20-RISL Domed Lid
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If you need to replace a broken or cracked lid on your concrete septic tank, the Tuf-Tite 20-RISL riser lid is just what you need for the job. This lid is compatible with the 2012-RIS and 20-RIS risers, and it has an interlocking design, so it does not require the use of a sealant when used with the compatible Tuf-Tite risers. It is constructed of noncorrosive HDPE material to withstand septic environments for a lifetime of worry-free usage.

Note: For best results, the use of the Tuf-Tite 20TAR Tank Adapter Ring is recommended when adapting plastic risers to a concrete tank or risers.


  • Stainless steel screws are included
  • The riser is constructed of  of HDPE material
  • 20” diameter

  • Item #: 20-RISL Domed Lid

20-RISL Domed Lid

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